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product line

Elegant and smart emergency watch!

With the TeleCare emergency watch, people are protected on the way.

The watch can be worn by many usergroups eg. by athletes, children, active best agers or people with dementia.


The right device for everyone!

To get help at any time and everywhere – 24/7 – TeleCare offers different care phones for every need.

Our stationary units are designed to protect elderlies and people with special needs in their habitual enviroment.
The mobile units are for activly elderlies, children and also for athletes.

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For a safe workplace!

TeleCare ist your solution partner for all personal alarm systems. Our units meets the regulations Austrian employee protection law “ASchG §61 para. 6.

We offer both, stationary devices (for fixed work areas) and mobile devices (for flexible or large work areas).

The persons can be located inside buildings and in the outside areas.

There are differnt options for emergency calls:
– pressure on the emergency pendant
– fall (ManDown) or innactivity

the ManDown or dead man function, the alarm is triggered by a wrist-worn pendant which detects either the fall or the innactivity from the person.

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Special devices to make everyday life easier!

Carefree and happy living despite impairment – this is what we want to offer you with our technical solutions.
A wide range of devices that make your daily life easier and compensate for any deficits.

From the optical bell to the acoustic time announcement, from the easy-to-read remote control to the drug dispenser, which makes it easier for you to take the tablets –
choose according to your individual requirements in order to sustainably increase your quality of life.

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Big buttons – great comfort!

Especially telephones have become smaller and more complex in recent years, they often have many functions that only a few need – a trend that completely neglected especially the needs of older people.

TeleCare deliberately sets a counter trend here and offers you a large number of telephones that are particularly clear and easy to use. Both in the fixed network with cordless and cordless phones – as well as in the field of mobile phones with special phones.

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Solutions for every application!

TeleCare Systems offers tailor-made security solutions for all buildings, businesses and related applications.

From the fixed emergency call device via a mobile pager, which can manage up to 255 alarms, to the ingenious nurse call system.

In addition, we also offer individual solutions for dementia care.

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Minimize dangers with the last technology!

Whether a pipe burst or burglary – risks can never be ruled out. It can be ruled out, however, that you are helplessly exposed to these dangers. With modern detectors that indicates the alarm in time.

All TeleCare detectors can be used both as stand-alone units and in combination with the care phones. Ideally, combine NEO or NOVO with all the relevant detectors to achieve “all-round protection” for your home.

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